STEM is a natural wellness brand and medicinal mushroom company focused on educating the general public on the practical benefits of safe medicinal mushroom consumption. We’re dedicated to dismantling the stigma surrounding this magnificent species.

We strive to be thought leaders in a rapidly changing industry and are committed to providing you with reliable information so you can explore, learn and enjoy with confidence.

Like many businesses, our journey began through the process of selfdiscovery and the experimentation of microdosing psilocybin. We found that the benefits of this mode of consumption were being severely underrepresented, with the common narrative around psilocybin being one of high doses and dramatic effects. Thankfully, through evolving peer-reviewed research on the subtle, yet profound effects of small dose consumption, this perspective is now changing.

STEM was created to disrupt the industry as we know it. Welcome to the newly refined microdose experience that begins with pleasure on the palate, and ends with improved cognition and personal growth.



Quality and care are a top priority here at STEM chocolate as we us some of the finest chocolate, and mushroom genetics. STEMS chocolatiers hand craft small batches to ensure consistent quality and dose. STEM chocolate is crafted to supply the consumer seeking a premium elevated microdose experience. From the wide range of psychedelic colours and flavours to the quality and community experience. At STEM we take pride in perfecting our psilocybin mushroom chocolates from taste to texture. All STEM chocolate is tempered so you get that glossy smooth chocolate with the perfect snap.

STEM chocolate uses Callebaut; finest Belgian chocolate. “Callebaut has been crafting its Finest Belgian Chocolate in the heart of Belgium for more than 100 years. Made with dedication passed on from generation to generation, Callebaut chocolate is relied on every day by chefs and chocolatiers to create great tasting delights” (Callebaut, 2021).

For a premium experience, STEM Chocolate offers superior bars with specific mushroom varieties and French Valrhona chocolate. Valrhona, “A partner of taste artisans since 1922, and a pioneer and specialist in the world of chocolate, Valrhona defines itself today as a company whose mission statement “Together, let’s use good food to make the world a better place” conveys the strength of its commitment. Together with its employees, chefs, and cocoa producers, Valrhona creates the best in chocolate to shift the status quo towards a fairer, more sustainable cocoa industry and gastronomy that tastes great, looks great and does great things for the world” (Valrhona, 2022).



STEM’S chocolatiers are of French and Italian origin, and have a well-versed background in culinary practices. Through their passion for chocolate and psychedelics immerged the concept that has been brought to you today.

STEM is continuously evolving to bring you perfection. Design is something that is really important to us, along with colour choice. We wanted to create packaging that was clean, and simple, while also being discreet.

We wanted to develop a microdosing product that individuals felt comfortable having out on their counter as opposed to having it hidden away in a drawer. Yes, other products work great, but current designs in the market perpetuate the stigma surrounding this medicine, which may leave individuals feeling like they need to hide what they are doing. We were tired of seeing melting faces on boxes and the same generic rainbow colours that brands use.

Our team’s knowledge combine with the utmost premium products provides a rebirth and rebranding of the current psychedelic standard that is on the market today, while staying true to what we believe this medicine has to offer.


Microdosing psilocybin is a promising new alternative for individuals in transforming their mental health.


Psilocybin has been shown to restore the functional connection of brain pathways.


Microdosing psilocybin has been shown to help those who suffer from depression, anxiety, mood disorders, PTSD, ADD/ADHD and addiction.


Benefits individuals experience are enhanced mood, higher energy, better productivity and focus, less anxiety, and heightened creativity.

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